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Now more than ever we ask our families to take advantage of our Register Online Program.

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 on any of our service.


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We live in new and uncertain times!


I am Cameron McCormack,

the owner and Funeral Director at McCormack Funeral Home.


First and foremost, I cannot stress enough the need for

social distancing,

sanitizing of hands and surfaces,

and keeping your hands away from face,

for your personal safety.


     I personally have been practicing this from the beginning and hope with the majority of the community is practicing it also, it will make a difference.



     With the acknowledged presence of COVID-19 in our community and the increased spotlight that the media is placing on the funeral industry, I thought it was important to shed some light on how we are dealing with it.


Regarding Gatherings


As you may be aware, we are now directed to limit gatherings to a maximum of 30. Places of worship and halls are now closed to gatherings for the foreseeable future. The media has begun to emphasize families and friends’ inabilities to have any type of ceremony. I want to let the community know that we can accommodate that need for closure. We can allow up to 30 people in our facility to view prior to cremation or burial. Where more than 30 people want to participate it will mean taking turns. As we have always made our facility available to one family at a time, I offer a private facility for the purpose of saying goodbye, not shared with any other family during the time of use.


Video Conferencing


I, like so many of you have taken to using a video app to be able to communicate with family and friends. We will be using the ZOOM App for our needs. This will allow us to do identifications and services and be viewed remotely. I have included the link here for the Zoom App.







Pricing Guarantee


Next, I want to assure you that our charges for services has not changed. We have seen several stories in the media of irrational pricing, taking advantage of the current situation. I commend Doug Ford for being proactive and aggressive in dealing with those who have chosen opportunistic profit over people. I have always taken the approach of being upfront about our pricing. Charges for my services and merchandise have been a part of our web advertising from the beginning and can be found on our site. To make it easier, I have made our Service Guide available for download on this page along with our industry Consumer Information Guide, a generalization of traditional funeral practices.



Please note that our current fee guide has been in effect from May 1, 2018 and I have not had an increase in price to date.


My Choice Plan Credit


Finally, I want to point out our register online feature. Other than by phone, this is my preferred method of contact to be made aware of in advance. There is no obligation to use our services if taking advantage of this credit or requesting a quote. Here is a link to complete the form for the My Choice Plan credit.


Taking advantage of the credit in advance, making contact and discussing your needs remotely is the best way of keeping you and myself safe.


For any questions or concerns, please feel free to call me anytime at 519-383-7121.

I am available 24 hours, as I always have been.


Stay vigilant, stay safe,

Cameron McCormack


254 George Street

Sarnia, Ontario  N7T 4P2

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