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Doreen Junek’s Services


Doreen Junek's custom

created memorial card.





Dear Cameron,

      We were taken aback by the personal service provided and felt compelled to follow up in writing. We feel you treated us as unique individuals, and not a number. You listened, cared, contributed, and took all our feelings and created the most comfortable, memorable, heartwarming celebration of our mom’s life.

      Following are most memorable moments with you:

When we first met, your caring showed through. It was not a business atmosphere, but more a personable    atmosphere. To be honest, your ethics shone through. We knew we wanted to work with you knowing our mom was the most important person to us and you shared in our thoughts.

     Your computer skills are impeccable. You brought out our mothers attributes and talents for all to remember, right up to and including the thank you notes you provided. This was so unexpected. To add the additional CD’s for the siblings meant the world to our brother.                                                  

      You and Tawny worked together and created the most beautiful room for mom’s visitors, right down to the smell of the lilacs. We personally, will always think of our mom when we smell the lilacs in the spring.

      During the visitation and service you blended in with us so comfortably to ensure that all our thoughts and cares were met. Many compliments from our friends regarding the tea and sweets. The night before the actual service, you provided us three kids with muffins, as you said, “nourishment.” You knew!!! Food was our last concern; therefore it was such a wonderful touch.                                                                    The memory book……. Honestly, we thought we would receive the guest list, cards for donations and flowers. To our delight, you provided us with the most memorable ending to a perfect service. You left nothing out. Photos of the flower arrangements along with the sender, all donations, all cards, words of condolences, photos of our mother’s shrine, all the quilts and poems. 

      In conclusion, we would recommend you to absolutely everyone. Working with you made this transition easier on us. And on a side note, you are Cam. We are Candy, Cindy and Mark. That is how comfortable we were.

Kindest personal regards,

Candy and Cindy

Maria Maola’s Services

Maria Maola's custom

created memorial card.







Dear Cam,

This is probably one of the most difficult letters I have ever written.  At a very sad and emotional time for myself and family, you are one of the most welcoming, compassionate and comforting souls I have ever met. 

The services you provide are wonderful but what makes them amazing are all the extra personal touches that you provide.  Joining this with our traditions and customs truly made it seem that we were at home.  From the beautiful picture of my mother with directions, in both English and Italian to the sweets, including the traditional Italian cannoli, along with hot and cold beverages truly made it feel like home, not to mention the lovely cakes and muffins for home the morning of the funeral.  Family, friends and food is truly the essence of Mom.  I’m sure it pleased Mom to hear all the wonderful compliments from our family and friends regarding you, your staff and the service that you provide. I am taking comfort in the fact that when it is my time ….. I’ll feel like I will be returning home to be greeted by Mom, Dad, both my brothers and you and your kind heart.

Thank you so much for making this time for our family almost bearable.  Most of all, thank you for you and all that you are.  You truly are amazing!



Renata Maola

Kenneth Nickles Services






On behalf of Ken we want to thank all the family and friends for attending his graveside service. The family really appreciates you all for taking the time to come and share in the Remembrance of Ken. We would like to thank the pallbearers Todd Nickles, Ron Nickles, Russ Hyatt, Rob Nickles, Daniel Wright and Winston Nickles. A special thank you goes to McCormack Funeral Home – Stewart Chapel and especially Cameron McCormack for exceeding our expectations with his compassion, dignity and respect.

We will be forever grateful.

The Nickles Family

Patricia Wright's Services

This was the letter submitted to the Sarnia Chamber of Commerce for  our nomination for Outstanding Customer Service; February 22, 2016.

To whom it may concern,

I have recently had the pleasure of meeting Mr Cameron McCormack, albeit under rather sad and upsetting circumstances. My Mother passed away from Alzheimers after a long battle, but it came upon us much faster than we had expected.

My brother and I had not made any funeral arrangements whatsoever, and we had not selected a funeral home until we were faced with my Mothers passing in January. We asked a few of the nurses at the Nursing Home, and McCormack Funeral Home came up a few times. My brother and I had made an appointment and visited another funeral home, but, after hearing these recommendations, we called McCormack’s the morning after my Mum passed away. Cameron McCormack set us up with an appointment right away, and when we went into his newly renovated facility, we were both struck with how lovely, clean and comfortable it made us feel. The Staff ushered us in and we were completely put at ease with the care and compassion towards our situation.

Cameron McCormack was so professional, and walked us through this uncomfortable process, presented our options as neither of us had been in this situation before. He gently asked what our wishes were, and after a short question period, he put together our plan. Cameron made us feel welcome in his “Home”….and within a short time; we had our decision made to have Cameron take care of the cremation and all Services for our Mother.

I was struck by the fact that he was efficient, yet caring; he put all of the paperwork together for us as everything was computerized to speed up the process for us. He made excellent suggestions for everything from Memorial cards to catering, and he accommodated our wishes for certain food selections (Which was fresh, healthy and wonderfully presented).
What i found outstanding was that Cameron did not try to “upsell” us at our most fragile time…..he was efficient, made his recommendations, and followed through to a tee.

On the day of the service, the staff, and the facility was top notch, and beautifully decorated with fresh flowers…he bent over backwards to accommodate our wishes for pictures and music…and he took care of a lot of paperwork that is required by the government for us. He followed up a few days later to see how I was managing, and to see if there was anything I needed.
The atmosphere at the Home is one of comfort….and I was also impressed that he only does one service per day….which allowed us to relax, and it made my family and visitors feel very comfortable as we also had the food laid out in a beautifully appointed room at the rear section of the house. The renovations he has done on this house are gorgeous, and he made my family feel at home in his home, very unrushed and dignified.
I would highly recommend Mr McCormack’s Services to anyone who was in need…..His business model is a mix of impeccable service with personal touches inside a beautifully appointed Heritage Home.
I wish Cameron all the best in the future and I’m sure he will continue to offer these very special and personal services to families in our community.

Diane Robb

Kevin Nathan’s Services

Kevin Nathan's custom

created memorial card.







Cameron and his staff most definitely live the 'McCormack difference' posted on their website when taking care of final arrangements for a loved one. Cameron met with our adult sons and carefully and with sensitivity explained each detail with compassion in a comfortable 'home' like setting. Only one funeral at a time makes this a perfect location for resting a loved one. The open casket philosophy helped with our grieving and everyone can choose what is right for them. A very traditional place to celebrate a loved one's passing. Thank you!"

Rose-Ann Nathan




Anne Toal Services







TOAL I would like to thank the doctors and staff at Bluewater Emergency Team, EMS, Sarnia Fire Department and the ICU Unit for working so hard on July 31st, on trying to save my wife's life. You all truly did all that you could. To Jackpot City Bingo for being so compassionate and caring...she loved her bingo, she felt at home. Thank you for the coffee and donuts for me and my children and grandchildren at the I.C.U. department. Thank you for being so thoughtful in our time of need. McCormack Funeral Home, thank you for being there for me and my family. Your compassion and professionalism took all my confusion and grief and made me confident my precious wife Anne was in good hands, and left me with a sense of relief and gratitude. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts - Roger Toal and family

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