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Our No Hidden Fees Pricing for the "Traditional Plan" 


McCormack Funeral Home Service and Merchandise Fees         

Professional & Staff Services

Transfer from the Place of Death within Lambton County  Documentation - including the required Proof of Death Certificates

Basic Preparation

Facilities for Preparation and Sheltering Remains

Professional Preparation

Facilities for Public Visitation (4 hours public visitation)

Staffing for Public Visitation

Facilities for Service

Staffing for Service

Customized Stationary Package

Funeral Coach (Transfer to Crematorium)

Lead Vehicle

Utility Vehicle

Goods & Services Tax Applicable

Obligation to McCormack Funeral Home


Additional Considerations

         Casket                                             $1025.00 and up.

         Burial Vault                                   $699.00 and up.

         Urn                                                  $149.99 and up.

         Coroner’s Cremation Certificate.                       $75.00

City of Sarnia Death Registration Fee              $25.00

Local Cremation Fee                    $452.00 - $475.00

Clergy Honorarium                      $200.00 suggested

Death Registration Fee                $25.00

Obituary Notice                            At Cost 






The Traditional Plan

     The Traditional Plan is the foundation for services that have visitation and a service and the body is present. Cremation or burial will follow. The following is an outline of our service charges and still requires a casket to complete arrangements.





























This plan is unique to McCormack Funeral Home. When selecting one of our rental caskets and having 2 periods of visitation the day prior to service, we will include as a bonus urn of your choice valued up to $400.00 at no additional cost.


McCormack Funeral Home will always give you a complete quote tailor made to your needs and with   no hidden fees.


McCormack Funeral Home is not a firm that does after service billing.


No Charge Extras Available


  • Opportunity for Private Identification

  • Family After Care

  • No Charge On Site Television or Sound System Usage

  • No Charge for Stationary Personalization

  • 40 Picture Complimentary Slide Show

  • Complimentary Refreshment and Desert Service (During Visitation)


May require additional disbursements such as;


  • Newspaper Notice

  • Cremation Fee

  • Cemetery Interment Fee

  • Clergy Honorarium

  • Musician Fees


Here are examples of urns available in this package.

Private Family Viewing


​ As with all of our services, you will receive our personal one on one personal attention from start till conclusion. When choosing to take advantage of our private viewing option, family and friends will be scheduled so that they are the only ones in our facility at that time. When having visitation at our facilities you are not limited to a room; our whole facility is for your personal use. McCormack Funeral Home does not overlap visitations and services. When contracting our facility, it is for your exclusive use.


No Charge Viewing Option


At McCormack Funeral Home we feel very strongly about allowing an opportunity for closure. We offer an opportunity for a final viewing prior to cremation taking place. Invited friends and family may come in to our home like setting to say goodbye at no additional charge. McCormack Funeral Home allows for up to a half an hour to gather to complete this task. This is not a publically announced visitation, but open to family and friends that have been personally invited.

No Charge Service Enhancements


      At McCormack Funeral Home we provide many enhancements to your services while in our care. Too many to list here. Click the link below to see what we add to make your memorial service better at no additional charge.

All prices quoted are from the McCormack Funeral Home Consumer Information Guide dated May 1, 2018.

Our Consumer Information Guide is available to the general public without cost or obligation.

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