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No Charge Service Enhancements

Or as well like to say,

     "leave your nickles and dimes at home."

      Nickle and diming for services that you want are not what we are about. We are always upfront about our charges so that there are no surprise's at the end. At McCormack Funeral Home we pride ourselves on offering the little extras that can enhance your experience.                                                                               


      For the services listed below there will be no charge;


      At McCormack Funeral Home service comes first. When holding visitation at the funeral home we do not have added fees for using more than one room for a visitation. We have taken the position of providing visitation with our entire facility and allocating it exclusively to one family at a time. This means that your visitation will be the only one on site and your and family will receive our exclusive attention. This is the cornerstone of our service model.


      We offer a private family viewing prior to public visitation at no additional charge. We request that you come in and acclimate yourself to the surroundings making sure that everything is as you want it before receiving guests for public visitation. We allow up to an hour for this service.


      When selecting your hours of visitation, visitation will be always tailored to your family's needs. If hours are requested outside the traditional 2-4 and  7-9 we will always work to accommodate your requests.


      We offer the choice of having background music during visitation at no additional charge. We feel that music goes a long way to complementing the visitation, especially when it is a reflection of whom the service is for.


      We have several televisions for showing media presentations whether it be for picture slide shows or DVD presentations. There will be no charge for their use.


      We offer the choice of having a picture slide show during the visitation at no additional charge. We will display up to 40 pictures on our in suite display without backing music. This can be used to create ambience and conversation during visitation. The slide show can have additional pictures added for a nominal fee. For additional pictures with backing music and a DVD keepsake, please refer to our DVD tributes.


      If preferred, rather than the digital slide show, we offer picture frames and easles to display on a bristol board size page, up to four frames and easles at no charge.


      We request the viewing of the deceased for all services provided. When embalming has not taken place we request that this be done within 24 hrs after the time of death. We will allow the family a 1/2 hour to view for confirmation and for closure. We will not charge for the opportunity to view.


      We will never levy a surcharge for the holding of the deceased if there is a delay in waiting for family or services are postponed for a few days. You should not be penalized waiting for the people important to you.


      When embalming is selected, there will never be extra surcharges for work over and above a regular preparation. Our commitment is to provide a dignified and professional presentation of the deceased.


      Our Family After Service Care is an extension of our Professional Services wherein we will contact you following services to assist with the completion of the post funeral paperwork. We look after completing applications for CPP benefits along with cancellation assistance.


These are a samples of some of the additional services that we provide at no additional charge to the families we serve.


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