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About the Author

Lorraine Williams has been married to her husband Earl for 54 years and has owned and managed Sarnia Auto Wreckers since 1974. They have a daughter Lorie-Anne and their two sons Dean and Jeff have followed in the family business. They are also proud grandparents of 10 grandchildren and 4 great grandchildren.

The history of Blue Water began when I came across a Lambton County 150th Anniversary book and the village of Blue Water was not included.  It came to my attention that the little village of Blue Water, which existed for twenty-four years, was not known by many.  So, in 2004, I decided to put together a booklet that I titled “The Little Lost Village of Blue Water” for my children.  This book was to let my family know their parents and grandparents had spent their early years when they first arrived in Sarnia, Lambton.

I came across a registered plan, dated January 1925, showing roads for a new subdivision in the village.  This tract of land was held in the business name of “SOUTH SARNIA PROPERTIES LIMITED”.  However, the company was dissolved in the early 1930’s and the plan remained idle.  With that information, it aroused my curiosity to do some further research to learn more about this land.

After I finished writing the first booklet, I was very surprised at the number of people who requested a copy of the book.  As more copies of the book circulated in the community, I was approached to write a second edition.  People from all over were very excited to read about Blue Water and they began gathering information and photos for the new book.  Each person had an interesting story to tell.  I began meeting people I had not seen in many years and some people that were new to me.

My purpose in doing this second book, was to keep our heritage and the history of Blue Water alive so it will not be forgotten. Lastly, I wanted our history of Blue Water captured in a book would be available for any future books that may be written about Lambton County.

This new book contains interviews with past Blue Water residents that are still in the area and even living miles away and have lived in the Village, either as parents or children.  These people provided their family history and some with photos that they would like to share with you in this new book.  I have also enclosed a Directory of all the street names and the Residents who lived in Blue Water between 1956 and 1957.

This little town started in 1942 with temporary shacks when Polymer was being built.  It was a rural of Sarnia at that time.  Population in 1947 was about one thousand.  By May 1953, population then reach to 2322 and 408 houses were built during 1947 until 1951 on acres of land.  Are is bounded by Kenny Street on the north, Durham Street on the east, Churchill Street on the south and South Vidal or #40 highway on the west.  Blue Water was part of Sarnia since annexation in 1951.

This book is in all the schools, libraries, historical places in Lambton and Kent County.  It is also in the University in London, Toronto and Windsor.  In 2006 we had a Blue Water reunion with over 200 and more came to celebrate.  In 2007, I received permission from the Ontario Historical Trustee in Toronto to erect a PLAQUE and it is on the corner of Vidal Street and Huron Blvd.  The Blue Water story is on the front and 120 family names are on the back.  Also in 2008 I was recognized by the Mayor to be on his Honor List for writing the book and I am now lodged in the Public Records of the City of Sarnia.

A walk through the village of                    Blue Water Ontario

Lorraines family home.

Copies of Lorraines book can be purchased at

The Book Keeper or McCormack Funeral Home

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