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Online Pricing

      At McCormack Funeral Home, I am a Funeral Director first. This means that I understand families want someone they can rely on, not be rushed, and to have no surprises - especially regarding the bill.

      Many funeral homes are relectant to put their pricing online for fear that their competition will undercut them to get a family through the door,

not us.

      The integrety of showing our pricing lets McCormack Funeral Home families know that wherever they see our advertised price, it will be the same as when they walk throught our door.

      Our pricing is the best in Sarnia. All plans are worked directly with the owner, myself, Cameron McCormack.

      I have created these packages to show what the neccesary charges are for the type of service selected. Of course these are only suggestions. Each plan will be taylor made to your needs.

      I look forward to any feed back and welcome all questions on pricing.


At your service,

Cameron McCormack

Funeral Director / Owner


Our basic package for cremation.

Our basic package for cremation.

Our package for cremation

to be followed by a

memorial service.

Our package for a traditional service to be followed by cremation or burial.

A detailed description of service pricing.

Additional service enhancements we offer at no additional charge.

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